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What about a day like this: wake up-breakfast-go to the office-run back home get the bike ready-take a tour and then continue with the rest of the things, having still much time until the evening.

Well, that’s possible. There’s a short ride around my town which begins with a kilometer in which I climb from 225 meters to 375… That’s only a forest climb in which I don’t have any technical difficulties. Then I take a break pedaling downhill to Almasu Sec.

After crossing that village, only 4 kilometers away from the comfy home where I could have had a break speaking on some cycling forums, starts a climbing that posses some technical problems and a lot of strength.

No wonder how much I sweat on this ride I’m always drooling when thinking of the final descent that will take me town from the 550 meters to the 220 – the altitude of the town, in only 3 kilometers.

I’ll let the pictures of the descent burn your imagination and the profile and the map just for the sake of the statistics…

1 hour ride – 1 hour of pleasure – 1 good day
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