What about a day like this: wake up-breakfast-go to the office-run back home get the bike ready-take a tour and then continue with the rest of the things, having still much time until the evening.

Well, that’s possible. There’s a short ride around my town which begins with a kilometer in which I climb from 225 meters to 375… That’s only a forest climb in which I don’t have any technical difficulties. Then I take a break pedaling downhill to Almasu Sec.

After crossing that village, only 4 kilometers away from the comfy home where I could have had a break speaking on some cycling forums, starts a climbing that posses some technical problems and a lot of strength.

No wonder how much I sweat on this ride I’m always drooling when thinking of the final descent that will take me town from the 550 meters to the 220 – the altitude of the town, in only 3 kilometers.

I’ll let the pictures of the descent burn your imagination and the profile and the map just for the sake of the statistics…

1 hour ride – 1 hour of pleasure – 1 good day
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2 responses to “AFTER JOB

  1. cornel

    wow! i keep dreaming at biking around my hometown, deva, for awhile now. maybe for my next vacation in romania, i will take apart my mtb, pack it and bring it with me. and leave it there, just in case…
    can i call you next time when i’m in town, so we can ride together? i know the area is great for cross-country. and also for cyclo-cross. too bad there are no organized races (or alt least none that i know of).

    • illes

      Hi Cornel!
      bring your bicycle here and we’ll just have some nice rides around our home town. You can also invite your friends to have fun in the wildest way as here are no bike parks… Feel free to write me and if you need some infos just ask. 🙂

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