Me and Gabee Mcgee

Its 2 years since I met Gabee, a guy who turned into the very compass of my getting to know the mountain bike world.

Off my young timer Italian supermarket steel mountain bike and cycling all the way on my Peugeot Cologne I needed some advice in order to get the maximum off road with little money. Gabee advised, answered all my questions and here I was, pedaling on Giant Terrago which I bought with the help of my Belgian friend, Jean Louis.

Gabee was only a virtual presence trough the Yahoo messenger and we were always planning a ride together. This chance showed up in 29 of December 2007 when he arrived in Romania and we crossed our ways in order to visit Sarmizegetusa, the ancient capital of the Dacian world.

We met on the road and we seemed two colleagues meeting at school after the holiday.

Then it was the adventure of climbing the 20 kilometres road that led to the historical place. There were ice blocks on the road where we could hardly walk.

Robi on his fully, me on my Giant and Gabee on his ssp sewing machine, a nice Kona colored in the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen, we were all chatting while we get on top of the clouds that darkened the earthling days…

In the altitude, we discovered a winter sunny day, cold enough to turn to ice the drops of sweat on my cap.

I leave the images speak  by themselves and I hope you too can make new friends while riding!

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!


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  1. Adrian

    Marfa sa vezi 29er-ele ca intra si in Romania. Terenul nostru e perfect pentru genul asta de bicle. Da-i bataie cu blogul, scrie mai mult, pune mai multe poze…il urmaresc din NY si e o placere sa vad imagini de acasa, legate de MTB. Succes si cat mai multe carari!

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