To test my bike as scientifically as I can I decided to run the same tracks I used to follow witm my poor little 26 wheel. Therefore I chose the following itinerary: Deva-Şoimuş-Boholt-Topliţa Mureşului-Măgura-Certeju de Sus-Nojag-Vărmaga-Banpotoc-Simeria-Săuleşti-Deva…

The test area was mainly a rocky climbing road on the way to Magura. There, the road was divided by water moats and the rocks were moving constantly underneath the wheels. I realized that the main benefit of the 29er wheel is the climbing. Despite of my sports condition, the bike behaved perfectly. The fork flew over the obstacles and the wheels offered me the traction that maintained my speed constant and even increasing… all this time, I didn’t take care too much of my trajectory  because it was very easy to maintain my direction and the lateral slipping f the tyres was easy to keep in control.

I stooped at Magura to tell you the sad story of a pilot named Mirza Ovidiu Nicusor who flew over those high hills back in a 1979 spring in order to see his girlfriend. It is said that the loss of altitude prevented him from redress his plane so that, probably in front of the beloved girl he collapsed. In his memory there’s a small monument pictured below.

After this moment of thinking about the pilot I climbed to a nice lake that I used to know which was called Taul Faerag. I was tempted by a the rocky climbing which I never managed with my prevoius 26er. I had a double surprise: the first regarded the fact that I had no stop with my 29er which, I MUST say, suprised me a lot. I overcame every obstacle and every difficultyof those slipping rocks.

The second surprise regarded the lake. It has drained almost tottaly. You can’t imagine the sadness I felt as I knew this lake since I was a child… Below you’ll see some pictures of it:

Back to our business, after a tiring climb to Varmaga I discovered the pleasure of some flat rocky roads. I felt my bike to be back to its roots while speeding over a road that was used mainly by tractors and which I felt to be like a tarmac alley. I let Mamasita drove me like a scooter to Banpotoc having it fueled with…green apples!

A sip o fresh spring source mineral water in Banpotoc and then I ran directly to Saulesti. There, I met a friend, we enjoyed a glass of home made raspberry syrup and I launched myself back home on a road just nearby the aerodrome.

I might have been looking like Carry Grant in “North by Northwest” while I was sprinting away from two dogs which flee from the ships they were guarding to hount me in the violet light of the sunset… Meanwhile, the planes were sleeping in their hangars with their propellers dreaming of a summer clear sky…

Here you have the map and the GPS track of the ride(viewable also in Google Earth):

The altitude profile:

A link to download the track in case you should visit Romania:

Bike route 329469 – powered by Bikemap

Powered by garmin romania


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